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Environmental Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we will engage in the Real Estate Investment Management business following the policies below. We will continually assess the environmental impact of our business activities, and aim to reduce the associated environmental load.

Environmetal Policy

1. Promotion of energy conservation
We will proactively promote the efficient use of resource and energy, and will implement well-planned energy saving measures for properties we are managing.
2. Reduction of environmental load
Being consciously aware of the environmental impact of the real estate investment management business, we will collaborate with our stakeholders, such as property managers and tenants, to renew to highly energy-efficient equipment, implement energy-saving and water-saving operation, reduce Green House Gas emissions and promote waste reduction and recycling.
3. Compliance with the environmental laws and regulations
We will strictly comply with the environmental laws and regulations, and will pursue environmentally responsible investment management.
4. Disclosure of environmental information
We will make an effort to disclose the information with respect to our environmental policies and status of implementation to our stakeholders such as investors, tenants and suppliers.
5. Environmental education and enlightenment
In order to take environmentally proper actions considering the characteristics of real estate investment management business, we will enhance awareness and update knowledge of our company staff members.

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Properties with DBJ Green Building Certification

■Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification

"DBJ Green Building Certification" is a comprehensive evaluation system by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) for real estate properties with high environmental and social awareness. DBJ conducts an assessment based on the original scoring model and certifies real estate properties with five ranks of certification according to the score from the assessment.


> DBJ Green Building For more information about authentication please click here.

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GRESB Assessment

■What is the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark?

GRESB Assessment

GRESB is a benchmark established by some European pension funds to measure consideration of the environment and society by real estate companies and real estate institutions. This benchmark is used by major institutional investors in Europe, North America and Asia to make investment decisions.

>Click here to view details about the GRESB survey.

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