2. Strength of OJR
  3. Initiatives for Sustainability

Initiatives for Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we will engage in the Real Estate Investment Management business following the policies below. We will continually assess the environmental impact of our business activities, and aim to reduce the associated environmental load.

Environmental Policy

1. Promotion of energy conservation
We will proactively promote the efficient use of resources and energy, and will implement well-planned energy saving measures for properties we are managing.
2. Reduction of environmental load
Being consciously aware of the environmental impact of the real estate investment management business, we will collaborate with our stakeholders, such as property managers and tenants, renew to highly energy-efficient equipment, implement energy-saving and water-saving operation, reduce Green House Gas emissions and promote waste reduction and recycling.
3. Compliance with the environmental laws and regulations
We will strictly comply with the environmental laws and regulations, and will pursue environmentally responsible investment management.
4. Disclosure of environmental information
We will make considarable efforts to disclose the information with respect to our environmental policies and status of implementation to our stakeholders such as investors, tenants and suppliers.
5. Environmental education and enlightenment
In order to take environmentally proper actions considering the characteristics of real estate investment management business, we will enhance awareness and update knowledge of our company staff members.
In addition, we have set numerical targets, detail initiatives and organizational structures in our "Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policy", "Water Conservation Policy" and "Waste Management Policy" in accordance to our aforementioned Environmental Policy.

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GRESB Assessment

■What is the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark?

GRESB is a benchmark established by some European pension funds to measure consideration of the environment and society by real estate companies and real estate institutions. This benchmark is used by major institutional investors in Europe, North America and Asia to make investment decisions.

>Click here to view details about the GRESB survey.

■Certification Results

GRESB Assessment

DBJ Green Building Certification

■What is DBJ Green Building Certification?

DBJ Green Building Certification is a system under which the objective of promoting an increase of real estate that demonstrates high consideration not only for environmental performance of the building but also disaster prevention and anticrime measures as well as societal demands from various stakeholders of real estate (Green Building), the Development Bank of Japan Inc. conducts an assessment based on a scoring model that it developed and then selects real estate that meets the needs of the times.


> DBJ Green Building For more information about authentication please click here.

■Certification Results

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■What is CASBEE?

CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is a comprehensive environmental performance assessment system that is under the initiative of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for buildings being developed and promoted in Japan. There are 5 classifications for the 21 assessment items, namely energy/greenhouse gas, water, resource use/safety, biodiversity/land, and internal environment. Assessments are indicated based on a five-rank scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Click here to view details about CASBEE.

■Certification Result

OJR has acquired the Certification of following property based on the assessment by Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC) which is the assessment organization.

Property name Evaluation Certification date
ORE Omiya Building
(4 Stars)
Apr.12, 2017

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■What is BELS?

BELS (Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System) is the third-party certification system to rate houses and building in accordance with duty to make effort to label energy saving performance in the Act on Improving Energy Consumption Performance for Architectural Structures. Houses and building are evaluated based on the value of BEI (Building Energy Index) derived from the primary energy consumption based on the government-designated energy consumption performance standard of architectural structures.
The evaluation and indication based on the system shall be implemented by the registered organizations as operators of BELS operations, which fall under registered housing performance evaluation organizations that are members of the evaluation association, designated construction confirmation authorities or registered building research agencies.
The evaluation is given according to a scale of one to five stars.

■Certification Result

Based on evaluation of Japan ERI CO.,LTD., OJR received the certification for the following properties.

Property Name Evaluation Acquisition Date of Certification
ORE Nishiki 2-chome BLDG.
ORE Nishiki 2-chome BLDG.
(3 stars)
Apr.12, 2017

Balanced pursuit of tenant comfort and environmental care

■Pursuit of tenant comfort

Nagoya Itochu Building:Example of seismic retrofitting
Before renovation After renovation
Before renovation After renovation

By covering the existing exterior with a glass curtain wall, we modernized the image of the building. Because it was a building that was designed and constructed under the old earthquake resistance standards, upon acquiring certification under the Act on Promotion of Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings, we completed seismic retrofitting.

Aoyama 246 Building:Conducted exterior wall renovations and refurbished common space
Before renovation After renovation
Aoyama 246 Building Aoyama 246 Building Aoyama 246 Building Aoyama 246 Building

We conducted exterior wall renovations for the entire building. Moreover, we conducted exterior wall renovations on the entrance of the first floor and refurbished common space upon tenant replacement. The entire building is now brighter and has a fashionable image.

Cross Gate:Renovation of washrooms for restaurant floor guests
Before renovation After renovation
Cross Gate Cross Gate Cross GateMakeup section Cross GateBaby changing station

This was renovation work with the purpose of improving the environment and convenience of washrooms for restaurant floor guest. We renovated the washrooms to have high functionality, paying particular attention to interior design and equipment, such as installing a makeup section in the women's washroom and setting up a baby changing station in the multipurpose washroom.

aune Kohoku:Attract restaurant tenant, install common rest space
Image drawing of renovation After renovation
Image drawing of renovation After renovation

Upon tenant replacement, we attracted a restaurant tenant with a high ability to attract customers. In order to improve the convenience of the customers, we also installed a common rest space.


■Environmental care
Solar panel

Property:Komaki Logistics Center
Generates approximately half of the electricity consumed at the office building

  • Komaki Logistics center
  • Komaki Logistics center

■LED illumination


Properties:Seafort Square Center Building, MG Shirokanedai Building, Belle Face Osaka Shinmachi etc.

  • Seafort Square Center BuildingSeafort Square Center Building
  • MG Shirokanedai BuildingMG Shirokanedai Building
  • Belle Face Osaka ShinmachiBelle Face Osaka Shinmachi
  • LED
    *The photo of this apparatus is just a sample image.

- Conducted with purposes of incresing tenant satisfaction, improving building specifications, reducing costs, etc.

- There are cases where rents increase due to coinciding tenant's needs for installing LED lightings

■Reducing electric power consumption and CO₂ emissions

Property:intervillage OH!MAGARI
We are working with tenants to reduce electric power consumption and CO₂ emissions through a program that makes it possible to compare electric power consumption, perform analysis, and manage targets.

  • intervillage OH!MAGARI
  • mietaro

Energy Management

OJR compiles accurate and transparent data by collectively managing the aggregation of its energy usage and CO₂ emissions via an outsourcing contractor. Furthermore, this data is analyzed in order to continuously manage energy reductions.

< Energy Usage Statistics (for properties under control of OJR) >
  Electric Power Consumption
Electric Power Consumption
District Heating & Cooling
District Heating & Cooling
Fuel Intensity
Fuel Intensity
Water Use Intensity
Water Use Intensity
CO2 Emissions
CO₂ Emissions*
FY2016 102,853 170,501 11,036 691 62
Icons made by Vectors Market from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
* CO₂ emissions are calculated based on the method defined in the Ministry of the Environment's "Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Reporting System."

Connections with Communities

We create lively communities by cooperating on events and strive to work together for mutual harmony and benefit with communities and activate communities.

■We have organized the summer event, Seafort Paradise, at Tennozu Seafort Square

We have organize the summer event, Seafort Paradise, at Tennozu Seafort Square

■We have supported the summer event, "Act de yaramaika Hamamatsu matsuri."

We have support the summer event, Act de yaramaika Hamamatsu matsuri

Connections with Employees

As a member of the ORIX Group, ORIX Asset Management Corporation, the asset manager for OJR, implements active human-resource development strategies for its employees and operates its business in conformity with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


The United Nations Global Compact

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