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Portfolio Data

(As of August 31, 2016)

Overview of Portfolio

■Total acquisition price
582billion yen
■Number of properties
■Average acquisition price
5.49billion yen
■Average building age

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Portfolio Data Based on Acquisition Prices




1. Percentage figures in the above graphs are rounded to the first decimal place. Total amounts do not necessarily come to 100% due to rounding up/down.
2. The figures for "Age" indicate the weighted averages for building age based on the acquisition price of each property; they are rounded to the nearest first decimal place.
3. Kobe Momoyamadai Shopping Center (land), Home Center Musashi Sendai Izumi (land), Tecc Land Totsuka (land), AEON Town Sendai-Izumi osawa (land) and Friend Town Fukaebashi (land) are not included in "Age".

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Portfolio Growth

(billion yen)
Note The above chart represents accumulated acquisition price at the end of each fiscal period regarding properties owned or transferred by OJR. Figures are rounded down to the whole numbers. Each figure in the chart is based on Sales and Purchase Agreements at each timing of acquisitions.

List of Major Tenants

(as of August 31, 2016)

■Major 10 Tenants of All Property Types

Name of Tenant Sector Property Name Type Rented Space
Share of Total
Rented Space
1 ORIX Corporation Finance Round-Cross Akasaka Offices 119,668.87 11.1
ORIX Shiba 2-chome Building
Omiya Shimocho 1-chome Building
ORE Sapporo Building
ORIX Kobe Sannomiya Building
Hamamatsu Act Tower
Albore Kagoshima
aune Yurakucho Retail
Cross Avenue Harajuku
aune Ikebukuro (Note1)
Morioka Minami Shopping Center Sansa
Cross Mall Shimonoseki-Chofu
intervillage OH! MAGARI
Valor Suzuka Shopping Center
2 AEON TOWN Co., Ltd Real Estate AEON TOWN Sendai- Izumiosawa (Land) Retail
74,930.65 6.9
3 NIPPON EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Transportation Sakai Logistics Center North Building Logistics
64,004.80 5.9
4 Arcland Sakamoto Co., Ltd. Retailer Home Center Musashi Sendai Izumi (Land) Retail
56,109.95 5.2
5 SENKO Co., Ltd Transportation Ichikawa Logistics Center Logistics
37,456.96 3.5
6 Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Hotel Hamamatsu Act Tower (Note2) Offices 37,024.51 3.4
7 Keiyo Distribution Warehouse Co., Ltd. Warehousing Toda Logistics Center Logistics
36,158.60 3.3
8 DAIKYO ANABUKI REAL ESTATE INCORPORATED Real Estate Round-Cross Minamiazabu (Note3) Offices 29,894.04 2.8
Round-Cross Tsukiji (Note3)
We Will Hatchobori Residential
Belle Face Togoshi Statio
Belle Face Kamata
Belle Face Hongo Yumicho
Belle Face Higashijujo
Belle Face Osaka Shinmachi
9 R.A. Asset Management Inc. Real Estate West Park Tower IKEBUKURO Residential
24,053.85 2.2
10 Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. Retailer Tecc Land Totsuka(Land) Retail
20,422.17 1.9
Kobe Momoyamadai Shopping Center (Land)
Total 499,724.40 46.3

■Overview of Office Tenants

Classification Rented Space
Share of Total
Rented Space
Share of Office
No.1: ORIX Corporation 10,236.46 0.9 3.0
Top 5 companies 42,994.74 4.0 12.5
Top 10 companies 70,906.31 6.6 20.6
Total number of office tenants 826
(Note1) OJR changed its property name from “ORE Ikebukuro” to “aune Ikebukuro” on Aug. 1, 2016.
(Note2) While “Hamamatsu Act Tower” is mainly used as an office, but lease agreement with a tenant stated in the above was executed about the hotel part. Each figure in “Overview of Office Tenants” as of the end of FP29 (Aug. 2016) was calculated by excluding the above tenant.
(Note3) While “Round-Cross Minamiazabu” and “Round-Cross Tsukiji” are mainly used as offices, but lease agreements with tenants stated in the above were executed about residential parts.

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(As of Aug. 31, 2016)
Number of properties
Total acquisition price
582 billion yen
Occupancy rate(As of Jan. 31, 2017)